1-Link Gigabit Copper TAP

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1-Link Gigabit Copper TAP

1-Link Gigabit Network TAP

Profitap C1R-1G is an active Gigabit Ethernet TAP for in-line monitoring of 10/100/1000 Mbps networks. C1R-1G provides fail-safe access to the network, with no packet loss. C1R-1G also features PoE passthrough, as well as No Break — a feature which ensures a very short recovery time of the network link, thanks to the use of high-speed relays, and allowing network traffic to pass through the TAP even when power is disrupted. The integrated Data Diode feature protects the network from any injection of data from the monitor ports.

Technical Specifications

Tamper-Evident Seals

The 1-Link Gigabit Copper TAP can be fitted with serialized tamper-evident seals on request. These seals ensure that the TAP has not been tampered with during transport or operation.


Data Diode

The Data Diode function prevents any accidental or malicious injection of data coming from the monitor ports from entering and disrupting the operational network. Data Diode adds an extra layer of security in deployments with security and monitoring tools.


No Break Technology

Profitap Gigabit Ethernet TAPs feature dramatically reduced failover time, consequently reducing the chances of Spanning Tree reconvergence.

This makes them flawlessly designed to synthesize maximum performance and maximum security.

Network Link
Monitor Output
10/100/1000 Mbps
Up to 3 in 1U
12 VDC
AC Adapter
100–240 VAC

  • Non-intrusive in-line network access
  • Permanent network link guaranteed
  • Fail-safe in-line design ensures uninterrupted network operation in case of power loss
  • Monitoring of all 7 OSI layers
  • No packet loss, no point of failure
  • Data Diode function prevents any injection of data from the monitoring ports back into the network
  • Fully 802.3af & VoIP compliant, PoE passthrough
  • Low power consumption
  • Supports link failure propagation (LFP)
  • Redundant powering
Power Supply Rackmount Frame Filler Plates
Power Supply Rackmount Frame Filler Plates
Ordering Reference: APWR2 Ordering Reference: ARF-1U Ordering Reference: AFP-1U
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