ProfiShark 100M

All-In-One Fast Ethernet Troubleshooter

ProfiShark 100m with laptop
ProfiShark 100M

All-In-One TAP Device & Troubleshooter for Your Industrial Network

Specially designed for the industrial networks, our ProfiShark 100M is a powerful and highly efficient network TAP and troubleshooter. Having unparalleled network monitoring features, this signature tool is ideal for both regular Ethernet and Real-Time Industrial Internet.

It’s also an ultra-compact and easy to use device that monitors all 7 OSI layers. It’s PoE compliant, while at the same time it captures and aggregates the entire full-duplex traffic of your network.

Therefore, ProfiShark 100M is a straightforward solution and a universal tool for daily network troubleshooting. Just perfect for the analysis of regular IP Networks and Industrial Network Protocols.

Technical Specifications

Long-Term Traffic Capture

ProfiShark long-term capture solution is designed with flexibility in mind. Combined with a NAS for storage tailored to your specific needs, the long-term capture feature makes it easy to catch intermittent problems in the act.


  • Ringbuffer or normal capture mode
  • Split capture to different files, base on time or size
  • Compatible with all Intel based Synology NAS systems

Installation: Download and install the latest drivers from the resource center

Profishark 100M & NAS
Profishark 100M solution illustration
2 x RJ45 8 pins
1 x USB 3.0
1.8 m USB 3.0 cable
RJ45 cable
USB key
69 x 124 x 24 mm
2.72 x 4.88 x 0.94 in
System Requirements
Dual Core Processor
1 GB memory
USB 3.0 port
Supported OS
Windows 7/8/10
(32-bit & 64-bit)

  • Direct Capture to disk
  • Live Capture

  • Wireshark
  • ClearSight
  • OmniPeek
  • Packetyzer
  • OptiView
  • NetSpector
  • NetDecoder
  • Ethertest
  • And many more

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What Our Clients Say

I am really happy with the ProfiShark 1G. It perfectly fits into my bag, so I am carrying it with me all the time. It’s always a little surprise for my customers. You don’t expect a complete network TAP inside a small pocket. And it’s absolutely easy to use!

Johannes Weber

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