It all starts with visibility

We help enterprises get complete access to their network, even in a portable package.  

We offer you full network visibility with

Fiber TAPs

Fiber Copper TAPs

Monitor any data center fiber optic network
with these secure,
fully passive devices.

Copper TAPs

Profitap Copper TAPs

Network TAPs designed to seamlessly duplicate
full-duplex copper Ethernet traffic at wire speed.


ProfiShark Portable Network TAPs

Compact and powerful devices providing unprecedented capabilities for troubleshooting anywhere, anytime.


Icon Profitap Network Packet Brokers

Network Packet Brokers provide advanced network traffic management features for increased switching proficiency.

Who we are

Our complete range of state-of-the-art network TAPs, field service troubleshooters and NPBs

provide complete visibility and access to your network, 24/7.


“I am really happy with the ProfiShark 1G. It perfectly fits into my bag, so I am carrying it with me all the time. It’s always a little surprise for my customers/colleagues when they see it for the first time. You simply don’t expect a complete network TAP inside a small pocket. And it’s absolutely easy to use.” 

Johannes Weber, Security Consultant –


SharkFest’18 Asia


Join our team for the first-ever SharkFest educational conference in Asia, from 9-11 April 2018, in the city of Singapore.


SharkFest’18 USA


The 2nd of the three annual educational conferences will take place at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA, from 25-28 June 2018.


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