NPB OptimizerThis High-Density Aggregation TAP transmits traffic from 8 ports to a single 1-10G port, highly improving your monitoring system’s density.

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DiodeTAP Module




The DiodeTAP Module prevents any potential attacks or disruptions by blocking light coming from the monitor ports.

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10GBASE-T TAPMonitor full-duplex 10M/100M/1G/10G copper links seamlessly with this new entry in our Copper Series.

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Special tool for special forces

Tapping into real-time threats in the cyberspace



The Adventures of a Network

Monitoring Newbie: How It All Began

Well, it all started when I applied for a job here, at Profitap. At that point, I was a freelance content specialist looking for the next adventure. They called me one day, we liked each other and so it began…

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Why is Packet Capture Extremely

Important for Your Network Security

Network problems and security issues can erupt at any time, especially when you least expect them. To solve these problems, you need access to the network for a good assessment of what’s going on…

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3 Fundamentals for Effective

Cybersecurity Monitoring

Since the turn of the 21st Century, the world has faced many challenges, but maybe one of the biggest concerns in the new digital era is information security or cybersecurity…

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