Analyze. Optimize. Secure.

Deep Network Observability

Profitap delivers packet-based network intelligence to strengthen network performance and cybersecurity measures.

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Performance analysis & diagnostics

Improve overall network efficiency, network performance, and Mean Time To Resolution.

Network troubleshooting

Quickly identify and resolve network issues affecting users and critical applications.

Packet forensics

Capture, analyze, and interpret network traffic with forensic precision.

Network security

Reduce blind spots and empower security tools with actionable traffic insights.

Network monitoring solutions

Traffic Capture & Analysis

Traffic capture & analysis

Remote network analysis, catching intermittent issues, quickly digging through large amounts of data. These are just a few of the many challenges network analysts face. Profitap’s traffic capture and analysis solutions ensure an optimal workflow and fast MTTR.

Managing & Optimizing Data Flow

Managing & optimizing data flow

Our Network Packet Brokers optimize traffic, turning raw data into actionable data. This decreases bandwidth usage and ensures optimal operation of connected security and performance monitoring tools.

Traffic Access

Traffic Access

Cybersecurity and network performance stands or falls with network traffic visibility. Our Traffic access solutions deliver the best quality data from physical and virtual infrastructures without impacting the network.

High fidelity packet capture and analysis

  • Full packet capture and metadata analysis
  • Analyze real-time and historical data
  • Solution consists of EDGE and CORE models, and IOTA CM Centralized
  • Manager For branch offices, SME businesses, and data centers

Why Profitap

Profitap premium quality

Our customers come first. With a strong R&D focus and capacity, we provide specialized solutions tailored to our client's requirements.

Profitap premium quality

We have an extensive global network and the largest portfolio of Traffic Access, Data Optimization, and Traffic Capture & Analysis solutions.

Profitap premium quality

We are experts in network monitoring solutions. From hardware to software, we innovate and provide customized solutions.

Profitap premium quality

We're fast. From sales to support, we do our best to get you the right solution at the right time.

What’s new?

>IOTA 10 CORE release

IOTA 10 CORE release

Discover the new IOTA 10 CORE, a high-speed packet capture and analysis solution for core networks...

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Troubleshooting large networks with IOTA CORE

Troubleshooting large networks with IOTA CORE

In our remote network analysis blog, we mentioned deploying multiple EDGE IOTAs in different branch...

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Latency vs. Jitter: Monitoring network performance

Latency vs. Jitter: Monitoring network performance

Jitter and latency are critical parameters in assessing and maintaining network performance...

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IOTA CM release

IOTA CM release

IOTA CM is an application for centralized management of IOTA EDGE and CORE devices. Bringing together...

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Remote network analysis with IOTA

Remote network analysis with IOTA

Networks on remote sites can be tough to monitor. Often, there is limited visibility capability...

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DNS - or also: Why is my internet not working?

DNS - or also: Why is my internet not working?

Why does a visit to a website fail? Why can’t I send my e-mail? DNS, the mother of all Internet services...

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Knowledge base

The Profitap Knowledge Base helps you to get the most out of our solutions. From installation & configuration to use cases and workflow documents, everything is there to give you a flying start.

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Profitap works with strategical resellers and system integrators around the globe. All of them are experts in the network monitoring industry and have been extensively trained