Packet Slicing

Advanced NPB feature deep dive

Optimize bandwidth and storage utilization and ensure security compliance

When using packet slicing, the frame headers are kept, and the payloads dropped. By removing payloads that are irrelevant to your network monitoring and security analysis, tool overload and bandwidth usage can be decreased.

Oftentimes the tools that data is forwarded to only need information that is stored in the header of each packet. The payload does not matter. If you remove payload data from packets and leave only the header information, you ensure that only actionable data is sent across to the appropriate tool.

Another benefit of this feature is in security compliance. With packet slicing, you will be able to take out confidential data before it reaches your monitoring tools. This to ensure that this sensitive data is not being stored outside secure boundaries.

Use case examples:

  • Optimizing bandwidth and storage utilization through only sending necessary data to connected tools
  • Adhere to privacy laws and security requirements by cutting out confidential data


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