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Network Packet Broker

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The Data That Counts for Network Monitoring

Aggregation, Replication, Advanced Filtering, Load Balancing

XX-12800G is a high-density Network Packet Broker, offering you the power and flexibility of network traffic management with a total throughput of 12.8 Tbps in a single 19” RU. It features 32 x QSFP-DD ports (40/100/400 Gbps).

Network Packet Brokers optimize the performance of network analysis and security tools by delivering filtered traffic of interest, helping network engineers to quickly solve network and application problems.

Technical Specifications

Feature Highlights

Aggregate traffic coming from multiple incoming links

Optimize port, bandwidth, and network tool utilization by consolidating traffic from multiple sources, such as Network TAPs.

Aggregation can be combined with the replication feature to send the aggregated traffic to multiple output ports. It can also be combined with both the replication and filtering features to send different parts of the aggregated traffic to different output ports.

Use case examples:
Send traffic from multiple sources to monitoring and security tools as a single stream.
Aggregate multiple traffic streams into higher-speed links.


Replicate traffic to multiple monitoring and security tools

Traffic replication is the process of making multiple copies of data and forwarding them to different locations, such as NPM/APM tools, network security tools, and data storage.

Benefits of traffic replication include improving the availability of data and increasing the speed of data access.

Use case examples:
Monitoring (tapping): send the traffic to both its intended destination and monitoring/analysis/storage systems.
Redundancy: send the traffic to multiple network paths to avoid single points of failure and reduce the risks of downtime.


Balance traffic over multiple monitoring and security tools

When several security tools are deployed, load balancing can optimize the response time and avoid uneven load while another is idling. By distributing the traffic load evenly among the available security tools they are used in the most efficient way. A Network Packet Broker is an ideal tool for this as it sits between the TAPs and security tools.


Send only actionable data to each of the connected tools

Ensure optimum efficiency of monitoring and security tools, and bandwidth utilization, by filtering traffic such that only appropriate data is sent to these network tools.

Target specific parts of the traffic via a wide array of filter rules based on L2/L3/L4 packet headers. Filter rules support priority classes, as well as outbound options to apply to the targeted traffic.


XX-Manager Overview

XX-Manager is a web-based interface that allows the user to configure and monitor the behavior of a single XX-12800G device.

This web-based interface allows easy access from any OS or platform.

Port Management

Port Statistics


Traffic Management

Port Management

Port Management

Port Statistics

Port Statistics

Traffic Management

Traffic Management

  • Aggregation, replication, filtering, load balancing (any-to-any, any-to-many, many-to-many)
  • Local and remote management (CLI, GUI, SNMP, Syslog)
  • TACACS+ / RADIUS authentication
  • Redundant, hot-swappable PSUs and fan modules available in AC or DC version
  • Powerful filtering (layer 2–4, overlapping)
  • Flexible role-based access
  • High-density, 12.8 Tbps throughput in a 1U footprint
  • Supports 40G, 100G, 4 x 100G, 2 x 200G, 400G
  • Supports QSFP28 and QSFP-DD transceivers
  • Remote management software
  • Full control over 40GbE, 100GbE and 400GbE network traffic for monitoring thanks to its intuitive GUI.
  • Multiple filter rules per port in any combination for various routing, filtering, duplication or replication and many more options can be configured by an innovative GUI to allow instant adaptation to all kinds of analysis.
  • An integrated archive gives quick access to establish filters scenarios on the fly or allow instant changes to ease meeting the current requirements.
Full Ports Licence
32 x 400G QSFP-DD
Economy Licence
16 x 400G QSFP-DD
100–240 VAC or
-40V–-60 VDC

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