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Replication TAPs

The most effective way to monitor your copper networks

Regeneration TAPs Illustration
For situations where you want to monitor a single, critical network segment using several tools, a Replication TAP is what you need. A replication TAP sends copies of the network traffic to multiple monitoring tools simultaneously.

That crucial network segment’s traffic could then be monitored by an intrusion detection system (IDS), recorded for later forensic examination, captured for future use, or analyzed for performance issues. This type of TAP is useful when a critical segment needs to be monitored by an array of security and compliance tools simultaneously.

Dual Output Gigabit Copper TAP

Our Regeneration Copper TAPs can copy the traffic from one segment and then send it to multiple network analyzing tools.

Gigabit Copper Port Replicator

Designed for optimizing your mirrored port (SPAN) usage, it provides full monitoring of your Ethernet network.

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