Profitap Academy

Learn everything you need to know about bringing clarity into networks

Profitap Academy provides use cases, training videos and tips & tricks that will help you create secure network environments and troubleshoot & monitor network issues easier and faster.

Traffic Access

Network analysis and security rely on network visibility. Monitoring tools need access to every single packet on the line in order not to miss anything. This requires dedicated tools like Network TAPs that can access all traffic and are not intrusive to the network.

Managing & Optimizing Data Flow

Forwarding data to monitoring and security tools in complex and high-bandwidth networks can be a challenge. With Network Packet Brokers (NPB) you will be able to optimize the performance of your monitoring and security tools across the entire network.

Traffic Capture & Analysis

Traffic capture and analysis needs to be as easy as and quick as possible in order to reduce MTTR. Explore our training videos, white papers and use cases and learn all you need to know about capturing your network data, monitoring your network performance and troubleshooting with ProfiShark and IOTA.