Traffic Access

Enhance visibility across physical and virtual networks

With network security and efficiency dictating the pace and scale of business operations, traffic access solutions form a critical backbone of data monitoring and security infrastructure. In today’s high-speed interactive ecosystems, the ability to discern, analyze, and respond to network traffic with precision and reliability is non-negotiable, and security and performance monitoring solutions need actionable and reliable data sources to perform well.

While there are various methods to capture packets on a live network, they often come with significant drawbacks, such as packet loss, out-of-order packets, and the potential for man-in-the-middle attacks.These issues directly impact the quality of analysis and the network’s overall security.

To address this, it is considered a best practice to deploy network TAPs (Test Access Points) for accessing network traffic.

No more blind spots

TAPs are hardware devices strategically placed at key locations within the network infrastructure, such as routers, switches, or firewalls, where data access is necessary for monitoring or troubleshooting purposes. To leave no stone unturned, in virtual environments, a virtual TAP, or vTAP, can be installed on virtualized servers, providing comprehensive access and visibility into the east-west traffic flows.


Profitap network TAPs provide permanent, fail-safe in-line access to live traffic at high speeds. Whether you are scrutinizing packets for operational intelligence or enabling robust security measures, our solutions work in the background, ensuring that your tools are supported by a reliable, live stream of network data.

Network TAPs enable you to

  • Achieve full access and visibility across your physical and virtual networks.
  • Obtain fail-safe, permanent in-line network access to live traffic in high-speed networks.
  • Protect the network link availability for in-line security tools.
  • Eliminate the risk of single points of failure in accessing the network traffic.
  • Deliver lossless traffic aggregation from multiple in-line links or out-of-band connections.

Network security compliance

With ever-increasing security regulations, network management has become more crucial than ever. This is especially true for sectors like government, finance, healthcare, and industrial firms. These entities need trusted and compliant hardware they can rely on to protect their infrastructure and prevent data breaches. Profitap’s secure data access solutions cater specifically to this growing need, ensuring your security and compliance measures are up to date and ahead of the curve.




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