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A Brief History

Our journey in the network monitoring field began over 33 years ago in Strasbourg, France. Recognizing the value of network visibility and good quality testing devices, our aim was to offer a complete range of state-of-the-art network TAPs and field service troubleshooters for both SMEs and the enterprise sector. All of Profitap’s networking monitoring tools are highly performant and user-friendly, providing complete visibility and access to your network, 24/7. Profitap’s team of highly skilled engineers have been designing some of the most lightweight and advanced TAP devices in the world. Our R&D department is dedicated to creating unique and innovative products that blend form and function.

Cutting Edge Solutions

We’ve been providing hardware solutions for network analysis and traffic acquisition since 1984. That makes us experts in the network monitoring field and our award-winning ProfiShark® 1G stands to prove it. This lightweight, advanced and portable network TAP is one the most innovative products in the world. By combining high performance with portability, ProfiShark® 1G can offer unique, industry-leading monitoring results.

It All Starts with Visibility

With our products being front-runners in the IT industry, we can provide complete visibility into your fiber or copper networks. With more than 1,000 clients from 55 countries, PROFITAP® has become a must-have solution for many important businesses, some of which are among Fortune Global 500.

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