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We are Profitap

Our mission is to support businesses and governments worldwide with high-quality network visibility solutions, to keep critical infrastructures running smoothly and securely.

With 40 years of experience and a strong drive to innovate, we’ve built the largest portfolio of network visibility solutions on the market, and we’re only getting started.

We secure and optimize networks with
end-to-end smart network visibility solutions.

About us

Profitap’s end-to-end smart network visibility solutions form the backbone of modern-day network troubleshooting and cybersecurity by providing fail-safe data access, traffic optimization, and traffic capture and analysis capabilities to network engineers.

Profitaps network visibility solutions help reduce network troubleshooting MTTR, eliminate downtime, add security to existing and new networks worldwide, assist in lawful interception, and reduce network complexity.

With over 1,100 clients from more than 70 countries, Profitap’s network monitoring solutions drive network visibility and analytics on all traffic across physical and virtual infrastructures globally.


Why Profitap

What sets us apart from the competition:

Profitap premium quality

Our customers come first. With a strong R&D focus and capacity, we provide specialized solutions tailored to our client's requirements.

Profitap premium quality

We have an extensive global network and the largest portfolio of Traffic Access, Data Optimization, and Traffic Capture & Analysis solutions.

Profitap premium quality

We are experts in network monitoring solutions. From hardware to software, we innovate and provide customized solutions.

Profitap premium quality

We're fast. From sales to support, we do our best to get you the right solution at the right time.



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Head of marketing


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Sales director

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Profitap has a young, international, and multidisciplinary team. With our focus on quality and adding value, we make great use of the many perspectives of our diverse team.


  • Headquarters and R&D department are located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • Production and logistics are located in Strasbourg, France


Profitap is growing, so we’re always looking for new talent to join the team. If you think you’re a match, we want to meet you!

Check our open positions at: jobs.profitap.com

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