Managing & Optimizing Data Flow

Optimize data flow and maintain network flexibility

Empower security and performance monitoring tools

Network security breaches and performance issues on critical applications give companies plenty of reasons to monitor their networks. To get a complete overview of the network, there are many points in the architecture where the traffic needs to be accessed; for example: at the client, on the network infrastructure, at the edge, in the data center, and in the cloud.

In many cases, however, this results in many more TAP connections than the monitoring tools can handle. This is where Network Packet Brokers provide an extra layer to the monitoring platform, which helps aggregate and distribute the right traffic to the right tools efficiently.

Network Packet Brokers are placed between the monitoring and security tools and network TAPs or mirror/SPAN ports. They orchestrate the traffic coming from multiple network links and can perform advanced, intelligent traffic management to ensure that monitoring tools receive the appropriate packet data. Deploying a Network Packet Broker adds a layer of intelligence to optimize the monitoring architecture and increase the performance of monitoring and security tools.

Network Packet Brokers help you:

  • Obtain complete visibility into your physical and virtual networks
  • Reduce cost and complexity by streamlining data for monitoring and security tools with advanced filtering capabilities
  • Enhance the utilization and productivity of security and monitoring tools for better ROI
  • Easily scale out your network infrastructure with the flexibility to deploy or upgrade your tools efficiently as your network grows

Profitap Data Flow Management & Optimization Solutions

XX-Series Network Packet Brokers

XX-Series Network Packet Brokers

XX-Series Network Traffic Aggregators

XX-Series NPBs are high density packet brokers, offering powerful features, such as aggregation, replication, advanced filtering, and load balancing

X2-Series Network Packet Brokers

XX-Series Network Packet Brokers

X2-Series Network Packet Brokers

X2-Series NPBs are next-generation network packet brokers (NGNPBs), offering an extensive set of features, such as packet slicing, GTP IP filtering, ERSPAN tunneling & de-tunneling, and packet deduplication



X3-Series Network Packet Brokers

The new generation of X3-Series Advanced Network Packet Brokers enables full visibility over packets and flows and complex advanced processing for extended visibility

Profitap Academy

Network monitoring in virtual and physical multi-tenant networks

A multinational technology company specialized in cloud communications with multiple global sites tasked Profitap to design a permanently running network infrastructure solution for VoIP monitoring and general performance analysis.

Industrial Network Visibility & Security with Profitap and SCADAfence

SCADAfence’s non-intrusive platform for deep packet inspection (DPI) together with Profitap’s network test access points (TAPs) and Network Packet Brokers (NPB) solutions, work together to bring network traffic visibility and asset inventory management.

Setting up SIP-Traffic Rules on a Network Packet Broker

Find out how you can create rules set on a Network Packet Broker to manage and analyze the VOIP traffic coming in and out your SIP server.