Network Packet Brokers

Optimize the performance of network analysis and security tools

The main function of an NPB is to filter specific network traffic to a specific monitoring tool, in order to optimize security and traffic flow. They are usually rack mounted and have copper or fiber inputs, and in many cases, both.

By maintaining a many-to-many (M:M) port mapping of network ports to monitoring ports, they can then direct network traffic more efficiently. This enables network engineers to filter on actionable data only, which allows the network tools to analyze much more efficiently.

XX-32G Network Packet Broker

This is an entry-level Network Packet Broker (or NPB) that provides greater efficiency and visibility.

XX-1800G Network Packet Broker

A Network Packet Broker that can provide advanced filtering, any-to-any port aggregation and regeneration.

XX-2800G Network Packet Broker

This NPB gives you the power and flexibility of network traffic management with a total throughput of 2800 Gbps in a single 19” RU.

XX-3200G Network Packet Broker

XX-3200G is a high-density Network Packet Broker, that brings you the power and flexibility of network traffic management.

X2-3200G Network Packet Broker

The new Profitap X2-3200G is a high-end network packet broker that offers an extensive set of features, such as packet slicing, deduplication, and timestamping.

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