ProfiShark Network TAPs

Complete visibility of your entire network anytime, anywhere

The Best for Ethernet Field Troubleshooting

Part of Profitap’s family of portable and compact troubleshooters, ProfiShark series are dedicated network TAPs for network monitoring, traffic capture and analysis. Based on FPGA and USB 3.0, they are a perfect blend of performance and flexibility.

A ProfiShark is equivalent to an aggregator TAP and two NICs, all-in-one in a pocket-sized box, the only additional hardware required being a laptop or desktop PC with a free USB 3.0 port.

ProfiShark Network TAPs Illustration

ProfiShark 100M

TAP Device & Troubleshooter for Your Industrial Network

Profishark 100M

ProfiShark 1G

All-In-One Advanced Gigabit Network TAP

Profishark 1G

ProfiShark 1G+

Innovative and Easy to Use Gigabit Ethernet TAP

Profishark 1G+

ProfiShark 10G

In-depth Solution for Fiber Network Troubleshooting

Profishark 10G

ProfiShark 10G+

Fiber TAP with Enhanced Timestamp Precision

Profishark 10G+


ProfiShark series are the best hardware-based packet capture solution in the world. You can just start non-sampling and full-capturing on your laptop, without needing a powerful desktop PC.

Megumi Takeshita

Network Analyst

I find that a portable in-line TAP like the ProfiShark series can be a useful troubleshooting tool generally – easy to insert in between a desktop station and its network jack, grab a pcap, see what it is happening.

Stuart Kendrick

System Engineer

Profitap’s ProfiShark is an awesome tool for any IT discipline. Devs better know what traffic they are generating and baseline their apps, ops engineers have to understand what’s on the network, and security analysts couldn’t ask for better form factor for doing threat hunting. Brad Palm

DevOps/Security Engineer

By using the ProfiShark to go in and capture on both sides of a device we are able to determine exactly how much latency that device is adding, and we can then determine if that device is part of the problem or not.

Mike Pennacchi

Network Protocol Specialist

ProfiShark 1G provided full line rate capture at various loads and frame sizes. It did not drop any packets regardless of load or packet sizes tested.

Tony Fortunato

Network Performance Specialist

ProfiShark 1G is an interesting device for laptop captures, because it is small and works with just an USB3 port while doing aggregation without packet drops.

Jasper Bongertz

Senior Technical Consultant

ProfiSight Flow Based Traffic Analyzer
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Full Network Visibility Made Easy

Profishark is Portable


The pocket-sized form factor makes these portable network TAPs the perfect companions you can have anywhere for full network access.
Profishark is Compatible


All these TAP devices support the most common packet analyzers, like Wireshark, ClearSight, OmniPeek, and many more.
Profishark is Efficient


Tailor the traffic capture process to your specific needs with hardware aggregation, filtering and extra storage on the go.
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