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High-performance portable network traffic capture
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Reliable Traffic Capture in a Portable Package

ProfiShark is a portable traffic capture platform that provides quick packet-level insight anywhere it is deployed. ProfiShark is designed for high performance and accuracy, delivering high-fidelity traffic capture regardless of packet rate, high-precision hardware timestamping, and aggregation to a USB output.

ProfiShark offers a valuable improvement over less performant options, such as SPAN ports on switches or direct capture on a laptop. It gives reliable insight into the network, ensuring quality traffic analysis and optimizing workflow, without dropping any packets or disturbing the network.

The included ProfiShark Manager application helps with the quick and easy setup of capture control and hardware settings.

Why ProfiShark

High-fidelity traffic capture

Get an exact trace file with all frames, tags, and protocols, including CRC errors captured, regardless of frame rate, burst, or frame size. ProfiShark can capture packets with corrupted FCS (impossible for regular PC NICs). Hardware packet slicing is available on all models.

Hardware timestamping

Done on ingress, with no impact on PC CPU, 5-8ns resolution, disciplined in Profishark 100M/1G/10G, synchronized in Profishark 1G+/10G+. This provides you with the exact packet delta and absolute time as it was on the wire.

Transparent and non-intrusive access

Capture network data without impacting security or performance. The ProfiShark and host PC will not show up as a node on the network. Network connection is maintained, even when power to the ProfiShark is disconnected*. ProfiShark supports PoE pass-through.

Ease of use

ProfiShark is designed to be easy to use, with a simple user interface and the ability to capture and analyze traffic with just a few clicks. Analysis of captured traffic can be done with any software packet analyzer. ProfiShark is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry around and use in different locations


ProfiShark can be configured in either in-line mode or out-of-band. In-line mode is fail-safe*, with PoE passthrough, while out-of-band allows traffic monitoring from SPAN/mirror ports or TAP connections.

* 100M and 1G models provide fail-safe in-line connections. 10G models feature SFP cages, which by design require power to operate



Model Network Connectors Timing Connectors Hardware Filtering Hardware Timestamping GPS/PPS Sync Fail-safe
ProfiShark 100M ProfiShark
2 x 10M/100M
RJ45 in-line/SPAN
- - - Discover
ProfiShark 1G ProfiShark
2 x 10M/100M/1G
RJ45 in-line/SPAN
- - - Discover
ProfiShark 1G+ ProfiShark
2 x 10M/100M/1G
RJ45 in-line/SPAN
1 x SMA female (PPS)
1 x SMA female (GPS)
- Discover
ProfiShark 10G ProfiShark
2 x 1G/10G
SFP+ in-line/SPAN
- Packet type, MAC, IP,
ports, string matching
With fiber TAP*
ProfiShark 10G+ ProfiShark
2 x 1G/10G
SFP+ in-line/SPAN
1 x SMA female (PPS)
1 x SMA female (GPS)
Packet type, MAC, IP,
ports, string matching

With fiber TAP*
* 100M and 1G models provide fail-safe in-line connections. 10G models feature SFP cages, which by design require power to operate.

ProfiShark Use Case

Capturing in Time-Sensitive networking environments with ProfiShark

Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) is a set of standards for time-sensitive transmission of data. To support TSN environments, Profishark 1G has special requirements in terms of latency and capture capability.

Did You Know?

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