Aggregation TAPs

Enhance your ROI with up to 800%

Aggregation TAPs Illustration

Aggregation TAPs connect MANY network ports to ONE monitoring port (M:1), combining the two incoming traffic streams into a single flow of outgoing traffic. 

For example, in a basic setup, there are two network ports but only one ‘output’, or monitoring, port M. Network traffic entering ports A and B from each direction is then combined or merged to form a single stream of traffic. This is especially useful when that single monitoring tool has a limited number of ports. 

Booster In-Line

This Network Packet Broker optimizer is our signature solution that improves the density of your monitor system for a significantly lower cost.

Booster SPAN

This type of device transmits traffic from up to 8 SPAN ports into a single NPB port, allowing for unprecedented savings and outstanding return on investment.

Product Portfolio 2018

Product Portfolio 2018