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Ensure network availability with real-time monitoring and avoid brand reputation damages

Education is now virtual, are you properly equipped to accept the challenge?

Digital transformation is impacting the education sector massively: from universities to colleges all over the world, the tendency is to make more use of virtual classrooms, video-conferencing, and distance learning. School is not in the same physical place it used to be; technology has improved the access to education — now borderless, always available, and for a broader audience.

While it was already a growing trend in some countries before 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote education is now the only solution to keep providing knowledge safely to students worldwide. Education is moving into a virtual environment, requiring new tools: new software for virtual classrooms, to teach and to test students, and increased digital content production with a paperless approach, each student making use of their own devices to access the university’s network remotely, to mention a few.

In order to keep a competitive advantage and to offer a stable and reliable service, universities and other education service providers must have clear visibility into new complex IT networks. Network traffic is growing exponentially, in part due to the increasing numbers of IoT devices, which in turn increases bandwidth requirements.

A robust network monitoring approach with high-quality infrastructure will not only guarantee outage prevention, but also mitigate cyber risks arising from this new virtual environment. Cybersecurity issues, like a data breach or network disruption, can cause not only economic losses to restore the service, but also severe brand reputation damage.

Monitoring education network infrastructures provides its own set of challenges:


  • Achieving real-time network monitoring
  • Remote access to branch faculties and remote campuses
  • Detecting networking and operational issues before they cause downtime
  • Remote troubleshooting (intermittent) issues on hard to reach locations for fast recovery
Profitap Education Providers Network Solutions

Maintain high network quality and keep a first-class education experience

Preventing downtime means saving the cost of lost business due to outages. Outages could be caused by equipment failure, outdated IT infrastructures, complexity and a lack of visibility of the network deployment, or bandwidth challenges. Constantly monitoring the health and performance of the entire IT network infrastructure is the only way to prevent outages, mitigate cyber risks, and avoid collateral but heavy brand damages. It also means maintaining high network quality and therefore keeping a first-class education experience. Monitoring packet-level insights into the networks is the only way to gain real-time visibility. Where to start?

Accessing the network traffic

Get a reliable, real-time overview of the network with physical and virtual TAPs placed at strategic points, and Bypass TAPs for an extra layer of security.

Managing & optimizing data flow

Build a visibility architecture with the help of Network Packet Brokers (NPB) to deliver actionable network data to monitoring and security tools.

Data capture and analysis

Leave no blind spots: get dedicated tools that enable monitoring on the spot, but also remotely, as well as back-in-time analysis. In particular, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) allows drilling down into the metadata extracted from network packets to identify what protocols and applications are being used, who is using them, and from what devices. With this level of network traffic analysis, it is possible to detect the actual packets involved in client conversations and identify the root cause of technical or security issues.

Real-time network monitoring starts with high-quality infrastructures. Discover the Profitap portfolio, or request a quote for customized education network monitoring infrastructure solutions.

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