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End-to-end secure network TAPs

Network security is critical for organizations like governments, financial institutions, healthcare providers, and industrial complexes, which rely heavily on security across their entire network infrastructure.

However, their security is only possible if the data and hardware sources are secure and reliable. Secure network TAPs are the preferred solution for this.

Under the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation, a global standard for evaluating and certifying the security properties of IT products, certification schemes have been established to ensure that the entire chain of tools involved in network operations is secure: from the production of the devices, transportation, and their deployment in the network infrastructure, and every step in between.







Profitap’s secure network TAPs are designed to meet ANSSI’s CSPN guidelines for use in critical infrastructures and are manufactured to meet the highest security standards. The CSPN guidelines help comply with the expectations of Critical Infrastructures within the framework of the French Military Programming Law of 2005.

Other European national cybersecurity agencies, such as the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), also recognize the ANSSI CSPN. ANSSI and BSI have signed a mutual recognition agreement for certificates under the CSPN scheme. BSI will recognize all CSPN certifications, and ANSSI will recognize all BSZ certificates.

How Profitap’s secure network TAPs meet the ANSSI requirements:

  • Physical isolation from the operational network on Copper TAPs, which acts as a data diode
  • Optical data diode for Fiber TAPs prevents light insertion from the monitor ports
  • Secured firmware implemented on active TAPs
  • Security seals prevent opening and tampering with the devices
  • Randomized patterns used on seals and packaging to ensure secured logistics

Secured firmware

Secured firmware installed on active TAPs cannot be read or altered by 3rd parties, ensuring the safe operation of the devices.


Data diode

All Secure TAPs act as data diodes.

For copper TAPs, this means they are physically isolated from the operational network.

For Fiber TAPs, an optical data diode prevents light insertion from the monitor ports into the operational network.


Security seals

Tamper-evident security seals covering the screw head make unnoticed opening and tampering with the devices impossible.

The randomized paint pattern on the seals helps to verify and ensure that the seals have not been replaced.


Secured packaging

Each package containing secured data access products is also provided with a security seal with a randomized pattern.

Some of our TAPs for secure data access

Profitap’s secure network TAPs are purpose-built, dedicated tools designed to meet the highest security standards to help you meet ANSSI Standards. They are globally recognized, ensuring end-to-end security of your network data access.

Diode fiber TAP

Fiber TAP with diode feature preventing light injection from the monitor ports.

F1D-MOD-S-SM-MM Discover

1-Link gigabit copper TAP

10M/100M/1G copper TAP with diode feature protecting the network from data injection from the monitor ports.

C1R-1G-S Discover

8-Link gigabit copper TAP

High density 10M/100M/1G copper TAP with diode feature protecting the network from data injection from the monitor ports.

C8-1G-S Discover

Data diode

The Data Diode function present in our Diode Fiber TAP and Copper TAPs prevents any accidental or malicious insertion of signal coming from the monitor ports from entering and disrupting the operational network. Data Diode adds an extra layer of security in deployments with security and monitoring tools.


Copper TAP Data Diode


Fiber TAP Data Diode

No break technology

Profitap Gigabit Ethernet TAPs feature dramatically reduced failover time, consequently reducing the chances of Spanning Tree reconvergence.

This makes them flawlessly designed to synthesize maximum performance and maximum security.

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