Regeneration TAPs

The most effective way to monitor your fiber networks
Regeneration TAPs Illustration
Regeneration Fiber TAPs allow the tapping of fiber optic networks, while mitigating the power reduction of the optical signal that results from splitting.

The LC Regeneration TAP regenerates the signal of both the network and monitor ports.

The Dual and Quad LC Regeneration TAPs regenerate the signal of the monitor ports in order to provide multiple copies of the network traffic while only splitting the network link’s signal once. This is useful in situations in which a critical segment needs to be monitored by an array of security and compliance tools simultaneously.

LC Regeneration TAP

Our active fiber TAP regenerates the output signal on both the network and monitoring ports.

Dual LC Regeneration TAP

Our dual regeneration fiber TAP copies the traffic from one segment and sends it to up to two network analysis tools.

Quad LC Regeneration TAP

Our quad regeneration TAP is ideal for the monitoring of a single fiber optic link by up to four different analyzers.

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