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Our Library page includes white papers, solutions briefs, case studies and more for you to better understand how our monitoring and visibility solutions work in action. Click on the links below to browse through our library collection.

White Papers

In-Line Tapping in the Data Center

Author: Stuart Kendrick


  • Stuart shows how the ProfiShark portable network TAP can also be used in a Data Center environment
  • Gives a detailed overview of the ProfiShark Manager and its capabilities

ProfiShark Performance Results

Author: Tony Fortunato


  • Tony uses a traffic generator to compare ProfiShark’s performance with other packet capture tools on the market
  • Shows the impact of packet size on performance and your tools

ProfiShark 1G Use Case Analysis

Author: Brad Palm


  • Brad shows why ProfiShark 1G was pivotal in determining the compromise of a system by a rootkit
  • Get valuable insight into how a ProfiShark can complement your threat hunting workflow

Span Port or TAP: CSO Beware

Author: Tim O’Neill


  • Tim gives 5 reasons why SPAN is not a passive technology
  • Explains the advantages of using a TAP and when it’s ok to use a SPAN port

The Reality of Meeting Your Data Visualization Demands

Author: Tim O’Neill


  • Tim covers basic rules for network data visualization access
  • What is a VACL and a few tips about using it as a monitoring and analysis access tool

Review: ProfiShark Long-Term Traffic Capture

Author: Megumi Takeshita


  • Gives a detailed explanation of why is important to use a hardware-based capture solution
  • Explains how the ProfiShark Long-Term capture works with a Synology NAS

Review: A Look at a Portable USB3 Network TAP

Author: Jasper Bongertz

  • Jasper provides a detailed review and some ProfiShark usability tips
  • Real-world examples of working with the ProfiShark
  • Gives an overview of the timestamping feature

The Future of Portability in Network Monitoring and Packet Capture


  • An overview of the most common portable network TAPs on the market, together with their pros and cons
  • The latest development in the world of portable network capture: ProfiShark



  • Highlights the main differences between a Network TAP and a SPAN
  • Explains why TAPs should be the obvious choice if you want to have full visibility into the traffic on your network

Building a Portable Network Forensics Kit


  • Why a portable kit for network forensics analysis and what are the essential tool you need to built it.
  • A list of clues that you should look out for during your forensic analysis.

Capturing Cyber Threats at Airports


  • Gives an overview of the IT landscape in the aviation industry
  • Explains why, for an in-depth forensic analysis, you need a portable network kit

Special Tool for Special Forces


  • Why cybersecurity is a rising challenge and the need to see beyond the network
  • On-field network analysis during a SWAT operation means choosing the right type of portable network TAP

Solution Briefs

Coordinated, Multi-Site Visibility With ProfiShark & EZ-Trace

Author: Tom Tosh


  • An introduction to EZ-Trace and multi-site visibility with ProfiShark
  • What’s the ProfiShark advantage

Troubleshooting with Gearbit and ProfiShark

Author: Ray Tompkins


  • Use case of finding the cause of a “slow response time” problem
  • Ray explains how he used ProfiShark and Wireshark to identify the root cause

End-to-End Data Center Monitoring Solution with Profitap and Flowmon

  • Flowmon and Profitap’s joint solution offers the most efficient end-to-end monitoring platform for a high-speed data center network
  • Our Network TAPs deliver full visibility into the network, providing the necessary data to Flowmon’s security and monitoring tools

Case Studies

Case Study Moser-Baer AG


  • An in-depth network analysis with ProfiShark that helped Moser Baer R&D department to improve their new products
  • ProfiShark helped Moser Baer debug and validate their outputs and verify sent/receive network traffic

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