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Accedian delivers exceptional end-to-end network and application performance visibility. Their mission is to dramatically improve visibility to drive exceptional end-to-end network performance, putting providers in control of increasingly complex networks, while ensuring unparalleled end-user experience—to increase agility, lower operating costs, and turn performance into a key competitive differentiator.

Since 2005, Accedian has partnered with its customers to deliver solutions across the globe, helping them them and their users Experience Performance.


CISCO SYSTEMS INC. IS THE WORLDWIDE LEADER in networking for the Internet. The company was founded in 1984 by two computer scientists from Stanford University seeking an easier way to connect different types of computer systems.

Cisco’s networking solutions connect people, computing devices and computer networks, allowing people to access or transfer information without regard to differences in time, place or type of computer system.


CloudShark is made by QA Cafe, providers of elegant test and analysis software solutions for communication and information technology teams. CS Enterprise is a revolutionary on-premises collaboration platform that empowers IT teams and cybersecurity experts to solve network and security problems faster, balancing advanced features and ease of use in a secure environment built to organize, collaborate and analyze packet captures.


ComWorth is an established solution provider with over 50 years of extensive experience serving customers from various industries such as telecommunications, enterprises, financial institutions, education, research and development organizations and government agencies. ComWorth Co., Ltd., originally called Sankei Shoji Co., was incorporated in Tokyo Japan in 1965. It began as a manufacturer of diverse factory engineering equipment and accessories. Sankei Shoji was renamed ComWorth Co., Ltd. in 2001 and its business evolves to include test and measurements equipment for both telephony, data networking, network hubs, switches and media connectivity products.


FirstLight is a leading edge IT software and services company that specializes in in-house services for new or existing IT monitoring software. Let FirstLight configure and maintain your monitoring software — in your datacenter. Their industry leading EPO service allows you to have the monitoring software configured the way your business needs it. Give your people the tools, charts and alerts they need.



Flowmon is a comprehensive platform for network traffic monitoring and security based on flow data (NetFlow/IPFIX) and network behavior analysis. It provides IT professionals with detailed network traffic visibility in the most scalable solution in the industry.


Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT) secures the largest enterprise, service provider, and government organizations around the world. Fortinet empowers its customers with intelligent, seamless protection across the expanding attack surface and the power to take on ever-increasing performance requirements of the borderless network—today and into the future. Only the Fortinet Security Fabric architecture can deliver security without compromise to address the most critical security challenges, whether in networked, application, cloud, or mobile environments. Fortinet ranks number one in the most security appliances shipped worldwide and more than 500,000 customers trust Fortinet to protect their businesses.


HOPZERO Inc., a security startup in Austin, TX, is developing a revolutionary SaaS solution that secures private data by controlling the distance it can travel.

HOPZERO software is industry- and technology-agnostic and complements existing security products. HOPsphere Radius Security is sold to commercial and public-sector customers (including national defense agencies) who need to secure their networks against data breaches. HOPZERO is seeking distribution partnerships for the Internet of Things (IoT) business and consumer markets.


For over 25 years, NetAlly has been the #1 ally of network professionals worldwide. They began by making the world’s first handheld network analyzer — the LANMeter® — and have continued as industry pacesetters ever since, first as Fluke Networks® then NETSCOUT®. Now, as an independent organization owned by private investment company StoneCalibre, NetAlly continues to set the standard for portable network testing. NetAlly is a company founded by engineers, passionate about innovation, and motivated by one purpose: to create the best test equipment possible, designed with your success in mind.


ntop develops high-quality networking software used by individuals as well by large telecom operators, mostly open-source, free for no-profit/research, and provides direct support at reasonable prices.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is the next-generation security company, leading a new era in cybersecurity by safely enabling applications and preventing cyber breaches for tens of thousands of organizations worldwide. Built with an innovative approach and highly differentiated cyberthreat prevention capabilities, our game-changing security platform delivers security far superior to legacy or point products, safely enables daily business operations, and protects an organization’s most valuable assets.


Quantea helps organizations maximize business value by helping them cost-effectively resolve their issues and overcome difficulties in meeting the increasing demands of their customers. Their products bridge the gap between the new, more intricate problems and their solutions by providing a panoramic view of an organization’s network activity, harnessing the power of big network traffic data by delivering the most data-intensive analysis.


SCADAfence is the global technology leader in OT & IoT cyber security. SCADAfence offers a full suite of industrial cybersecurity products that provides full coverage of large-scale networks, offering best-in-class network monitoring, asset discovery, governance, remote access and IoT device security. A Gartner “Cool Vendor” in 2020, SCADAfence delivers proactive security and visibility to some of the world’s most complex OT networks, including the largest manufacturing facility in Europe. SCADAfence enables organizations in critical infrastructure, manufacturing and building management industries to operate securely, reliably and efficiently.

Security Onion Solutions

Security Onion Solutions is the builder of Security Onion, a free Linux distribution for intrusion detection, network security monitoring, and log management. It includes Snort, Suricata, Zeek (formerly Bro), Wazuh, the Elastic Stack, and many other security tools. Security Onion Solutions offers appliances and professional services centered around the Security Onion platform, and is the only provider of official Security Onion training.


Sycope is focused on designing and developing highly specialized IT solutions for monitoring and improving network performance.

Our solutions were created and developed by engineers, who have been working on the issues of network performance, application efficiency and IT security for over 20 years. They created a network monitoring tool using real-time flow analysis, enriched with business context to help businesses assess performance and protect IT infrastructure.

As Sycope we transform data into actionable insights, giving you answers not only data. For More information, visit www.sycope.com.


Vectra® is a leader in network detection and response – from cloud and data center apps and workloads to user and IoT devices and accounts. Its Cognito® platform accelerates threat detection and investigation using AI to enrich network metadata and cloud logs it collects and stores with the right context to detect, hunt and investigate known and unknown threats in real time. Vectra offers four applications on the Cognito platform to address high-priority use cases. Cognito Stream™ sends security-enriched metadata to data lakes and SIEMs. Cognito Recall™ is a cloud-based application to store and investigate threats in enriched metadata. And Cognito Detect™ uses AI to reveal and prioritize hidden and unknown attackers at speed. Cognito Detect for Office365 and Azure AD™ finds and stops attacks in enterprise SaaS applications and the Microsoft 365 Ecosystem.

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BruteForce wants to help you safely bridge the gaps, between the physical and virtual worlds, with resilient solutions! The company is founded by Brad Palm and it’s a digital security and network analysis consulting firm. Its “solution stack” consists of building resilient architectures with DevOps principles, pressure testing and breaking those designs to constantly improve and harden them, and then actively defending and hunting our environments for continued mission accomplishment.

Chappell University

As partners in education, Chappell University and Profitap have joined knowledge on network access and network analysis. The Chappell University team is led by Laura Chappell, the Founder of Protocol Analysis Institute, Inc., Wireshark University, and Chappell University, and the creator of the Wireshark Certified Network Analyst (WCNA) program.

Since 1991, Laura has been living, eating, and breathing in the packet-level world. Besides being the author of numerous best-selling books on network analysis, troubleshooting and network forensics, Laura is hailed as a top-notch, entertaining presenter who can detail the most effective methods to locate network issues.


Megumi Takeshita, known also as Packet Otaku, runs Ikeriri Network Service, a packet analysis company and a reseller of Riverbed, Metageek, Profitap and other packet capture products in Japan.

Merlion’s Keep Consulting

A professional services company specializing in network and forensics analysis, Merlion’s Keep Consulting is founded by Phill Shade – certified instructor and internationally recognized network security and forensics expert with more than 31 years of experience.

Motta Network eXperts

Founded in 1998 – Motta Network eXperts, Inc. specializes in network analysis and training. The company created by Mike Motta provides solutions for Network and Application Performance monitoring using Network Protocol Analyzers, TAP’s and Packet Brokers as well as offers network health checks, penetration testing, network baselines and general network troubleshooting.


LoveMyTool.com and its new sister site NetworkDataPedia.com have been providing for the last 11 years educational information, tips and tricks to help network analysts be more successful in Network Monitoring, Analysis, Security, Performance and Management techniques.

Network Protocol Specialists

Mike Pennacchi is the owner and lead network analyst for Network Protocol Specialists, LLC. The company is comprised of a group of dedicated network troubleshooters who enjoy both solving network problems and teaching others how to solve their own network related problems.

Packet Fetcher

Packet Fetcher is an application and network analysis company founded by Mike Canney. Over the past 25 years, they have helped many companies identify and resolve their application and network performance issues.

Packet Foo

Packet Foo is a blog about network analysis created by Jasper Bongertz in 2003. Here, Jasper writes about network analysis, network forensics and general security topics.

Packet Pioneer

Packet Pioneer assists companies in analyzing, isolating, and resolving the root cause of slowness in networks and applications while enabling them to sharpen their skills in packet analysis. Chris Greer is a Network Analyst for Packet Pioneer LLC.

The Technology Firm

The Technology Firm is making things work better, one bit at a time, since 1989. And it does that through customized onsite training, network troubleshooting, installation and design. Tony Fortunato is a Network Performance Specialist for the Technology Firm.


SYN-bit was founded by Sake Blok in 2009 and provides network analysis and troubleshooting services to enterprises with a complex IT infrastructure.

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