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LC Regeneration TAP


LC Regeneration TAPs
LC Regeneration TAPs

LC Regeneration TAP

The F1L-AT is suited to duplicate full-duplex traffic at wire speed, providing monitoring devices with an accurate copy of the traffic with no impact on the network.

As an active Fiber Optic TAP, it has an active fail-safe mechanism that ensures uninterrupted network operation in all cases also when the power is lost.

The F1L-AT regenerates the output signal on the network and monitoring ports, making sure there is no power loss of the optical signal. It also isolates monitoring devices from the network to ensure complete stealth and security.

Technical Specifications

Link Regeneration on TAP and NET ports


Regeneration TAPs allow for the tapping of a single LC fiber optic without losing optical signal strength. Regeneration TAPs mitigate the weakening of the optical signal that results from splitting it. The LC Regeneration TAP regenerates the signal on both the network and monitor ports.

Network Links

Monitor Links

LC quad with zirconia adapters

1–10 Gbps

MM 50/125 µm SR
SM 9/125 µm LR
SM 9/125 µm ER
SM 9/125 µm ZR
SM 9/125 µm LR (-16dBm)

Up to 3 in 1U

  • Non-intrusive in-line monitoring
  • Fail-safe in-line mechanism
  • No point of failure
  • Signal regeneration to network and monitor port
  • Supports link failure propagation (LFP)
  • Redundant powering
  • In-Line Signal Detection LED
  • Data rate independent
Power Supply Rackmount Frame Filler Plates
Power Supply Rackmount Frame Filler Plates
Ordering Reference: APWR2 Ordering Reference: ARF-1U Ordering Reference: AFP-1U
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  • All our Fiber Regeneration TAPs are covered by a two-year warranty from the date of purchase.
  • You may contact our Technical Support department (+31 (0) 40 782 0880) if you have difficulties during the installation or subsequent use of a Profitap product.
  • Most of our products are supplied from stock, which means we can ship to you via next-day courier service.