Quad LC Regeneration TAP


Quad LC Regeneration TAP

This Quad LC Regeneration TAP is a Fiber network TAP specially created for monitoring a single fiber link by four different analyzers. In essence, is a Regeneration TAP that can only split the signal once, before duplicating and regenerating the monitor signal four times.

An innovative tool, this fiber tap can mitigate the weakening of the optical signal that can result from an excessive splitting. All four output signals can be connected to four separate monitoring systems, to be filtered and analyzed in different ways.

Technical Specifications

Regeneration TAPs


Regeneration TAPs allow for the tapping of a single LC fiber optic link by multiple monitoring systems. Instead of splitting the signal as many times as an output is needed, the Regeneration TAP only splits it once, before regenerating the monitor signal multiple times.

This greatly mitigates the weakening of the optical signal that results from excessive splitting.

    • Maximum productivity
    • Full access to all network data
    • Complete stability and security
    • Exceptional visibility & fast performance
    • Rapid availability
    • Exceptional MTBF
    • Increased reliability with 2 year Warranty
Network Links Monitor Links Connectors Type Speed Split Ratio Footprint
1 4 LC MM 50/125 µm
SM 9/125 µm
1 Gbps
1-10 Gbps
Up to 3 in 1U rack plate


Power Supply Rackmount Frame Filler Plates
Ordering Reference: APWR2 Ordering Reference: ARF-1U Ordering Reference: AFP-1U
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