Booster SPAN Dual Output

8 x 10/100/1G SPAN to 2 x 1G/10G
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The Booster SPAN Dual Output Aggregation TAP aggregates traffic from 8 x 10/100/1G out-of-band connections and replicates it to two 1/10G SFP+ output ports, providing traffic aggregation and speed conversion in a single compact device.

The Booster SPAN supports ingress VLAN tagging, allowing you to identify traffic from each individual port. The integrated Data Diode feature protects the network from any injection of data from the monitor ports.

Technical Specifications

Lossless Aggregation

Lossless Aggregation

Conventional Aggregation TAP solutions often feature output ports with the same speed as the network links. This causes oversubscription on the output port of the TAP, causing valuable packets to be lost. By aggregating network traffic to a 10 Gbps output, no packet loss occurs. Whether traffic is forwarded to a Network Packet Broker or an IOTA, the Profitap Booster delivers lossless aggregation, while also reducing network complexity.

Speed conversion with Booster SPAN

Speed Conversion

Many high throughput devices like network packet brokers feature ports designed for 40/100 Gbps operation. With breakout cables, individual connections at 10 Gbps can be established, but lower speeds are often not a possibility. This means that lower speed links, such as 100-FX, cannot be forwarded directly to the toolset.

The Profitap Booster converts these links into a 10 Gbps output, bringing additional speeds to new and existing tools in a cost-effective way.

Network Ports
8 x SFP 10/100/1000 Mbps
Monitor Port
2 x SFP+ 1/10 Gbps
Up to 3 in 1U
12 VDC
AC Adapter
100–240 VAC
  • Aggregation of 8 SFP 10/100/1G SPAN ports and replication to 2 SFP+ 1G/10G outputs
  • 100-FX support
  • Direct link aggregation, no required management, installation or driver
  • Ingress VLAN Tagging
  • Non-intrusive to the network
  • Data Diode function prevents any injection of data from the monitoring ports back into the network
  • Redundant powering
PT-1G-BT-45 PT-1G-SX-85 PT-1G-LX-31 PT-10G-SR-85 PT-10G-LR-31 PT-10G-BT-45
SFP Module SFP Module SFP Module SFP Module SFP Module SFP Module
SFP 100M (RJ45)
SFP 850NM 550M (LC)
SFP 1310NM 20KM (LC)
SFP+ 850NM 300M (LC)
SFP+ 1310NM 10KM (LC)
SFP+ 30M (RJ45)


Power Supply Triple Power Supply Rackmount Chassis Kit
Power Supply Triple Power Supply Rackmount Chassis Kit
Ordering Reference: APWRB Ordering Reference: APWRB3 Ordering Reference: ARKB-1U
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