Booster SPAN

8 x 1G SPAN to 1 x 10G

Booster SPAN
Booster Span

Rack-mountable SPAN model

Up to 3 in 1U rack space

A rack-mountable SPAN model, the Booster Span is another TAP device designed by our team of highly-skilled engineers. Its sole purpose is to improve your monitoring systems and tools.

This Aggregation TAP does that by connecting many network ports to one monitoring port, being extremely useful when your monitoring tool has a limited number of ports.

All our Copper TAPs perform smoothly at distances of over 100 meters and have front LEDs that display the presence of redundant power, network and monitor link activity.

Technical Specifications

Network Packet Broker Optimizer

The Booster is our signature solution for improving your monitoring system’s density at a significantly lower cost than ever before possible.

By optimizing the number of used ports on your Network Packet Broker, it allows for unprecedented savings and outstanding return on investment.

Network Packet Broker Optimizer
Network Ports
8 x SFP
1 Gbps
Monitor Ports
1 x SFP+
1-10 Gbps
Up to 3 in 1U
12 VDC
AC Adapter
90-240 VAC
    • Maximum productivity
    • Full access to all network data
    • Complete stability and security
    • Exceptional visibility & fast performance
    • Rapid availability
    • Exceptional MTBF


Power Supply Triple Power Supply Rackmount Chassis Kit
Power Supply Triple Power Supply Rackmount Chassis Kit
Ordering Reference: APWRB Ordering Reference: APWRB3 Ordering Reference: ARKB-1U
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PT-1G-BT-45 PT-1G-SX-85 PT-1G-LX-31 PT-10G-SR-85 PT-10G-LR-31 PT-10G-BT-45
SFP Module SFP Module SFP Module SFP Module SFP Module SFP Module
SFP 100M (RJ45)
SFP 850NM 550M (LC)
SFP 1310NM 20KM (LC)
SFP+ 850NM 300M (LC)
SFP+ 1310NM 10KM (LC)
SFP+ 30M (RJ45)

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