10M/100M/1G/10G Copper Monitoring

Profitap 10GBASE-T TAP seamlessly duplicates full-duplex 10M/100M/1G/10G traffic at wire speed. This 10G Copper TAP provides monitoring devices with an accurate copy of the traffic with no impact on the network. It monitors all 7 OSI layers and mirrors packets of all sizes and types, including low-level errors.

The 10GBASE-T TAP (patent pending) is non-intrusive, has no IP address, and isolates monitoring devices from the network to ensure complete stealth and security.


  • Non-intrusive in-line monitoring
  • No packet loss, no point of failure
  • Fail-safe monitoring
  • Monitoring of all 7 OSI layers
  • Supports link failure propagation (LFP)
  • Monitor SFP+ ports support SR, LR, and Copper modules, and passive Twinax cables
  • Fully 802.3af, VoIP, and PoE compliant
  • Redundant powering


Link Failure Propagation

The Profitap 10GBASE-T TAP transmits link failure errors between ports, allowing the network to activate a redundant path, while the TAP stays available for auto-negotiation. LFP ensures less downtime, and is essential for high availability networks.



Rackmount Kit

The Rackmount Kit allows for up to 3 x 10GBASE-T TAPs to be mounted in a standard 19″, 1U rack space.

The Kit includes 2 filler plates.

Ordering reference: ARKB-1U

Power Supply

10GBASE-T TAP power supply.

100–240 VAC to 12 VDC, 30W output.

Ordering references:
US model: APWRB-US
EU model: APWRB-EU
UK model: APWRB-UK

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