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At Profitap, we have the pleasure of working with many packet analysis experts. All of them contribute greatly to their own fields by sharing knowledge on network forensics, network troubleshooting, cybersecurity and much more.

If you want to read what they’ve been writing about Profitap’s monitoring solutions or want to look at their personal pages, then follow the links below.

SharkFest EU 2018

Sake Blok

Founder SYN-bit

Sake has been analyzing packets for over 15 years. While working for a reseller of networking equipment, he discovered many bugs in devices from multiple vendors and presented his findings to the vendors to fix the issues. He also discovered many configuration issues that have led to functional problems or performance issues in applications running over the network. In 2009, Sake started the company SYN-bit to provide Network Analysis and troubleshooting services to enterprises with a complex IT infrastructure.

SharkFest EU 2018

Jasper Bongertz

Senior Technical Consultant

Jasper Bongertz is a Senior Technical Consultant for Airbus Defence and Space CyberSecurity. He started working freelance in 1992 when he began studying computer science at the Technical University of Aachen, eventually moving to Airbus to focus on IT security, Incident Response, and Network Forensics. He runs a blog about network analysis topics called

Read his Review › A Look at a Portable USB3 Network TAP

SharkFest EU 2018

Mike Canney

IT Technologist Specializing in Performance
Packet Fetcher

Over the past 26 years, Mike has helped many companies identify and resolve their application and network performance issues. He has also developed coursework and taught engineers how to identify, remediate, and prevent network and application issues by analyzing traffic flows at the packet level. Mike has been a guest speaker at many industry trade shows (such as Networld Interop, Wireshark “Sharkfest” and Cisco Networkers) throughout the United States on the topic of application performance analysis.
SharkFest EU 2018

Chris Greer

Network Analyst
Packet Pioneer LLC

Supporting clients in several regions of the USA, Latin America, and the Caribbean, Chris assists IT professionals in resolving the root cause of network and application performance problems. He also develops and delivers Network Analysis and Troubleshooting courses featuring analyzers such as Wireshark.
SharkFest EU 2018

Tony Fortunato

Network Performance Specialist
The Technology Firm

Tony Fortunato is a Senior Network Performance Specialist with experience in designing, implementing and troubleshooting networks since 1989. Tony’s background in networking started with designing, supporting and implementing financial trading floor networks and ISP’s where Tony integrated and supported various vendors’ equipment since 1989.

Read his White Paper › ProfiShark Performance Results

SharkFest EU 2018

Stuart Kendrick

System Engineer
Allen Insitute

Stuart has functioned as both ITIL Problem Manager and Problem Analyst, provided 3rd tier support, and contributed to design efforts. He writes and maintains an enterprise network and device management and monitoring application (the Netops Toolkit). Specializing in transport, monitoring, and packet analysis, he provides mentoring and communication training, teaches Root Cause Analysis workshops, and coordinates the efforts of multiple groups interacting with multiple vendors to solve problems or design solutions. He also runs

Read his White Paper › In-Line Tapping in the Data Center

Mike is a packet protocol guru, experienced educator, capable of making boring packet information exciting and fun. He specializes in Frame GEDI, WCNA, CNX, SCP, CCNA, MCSE.

Check his video › ProfiShark Full Duplex 10M, 100M, 1G, 10G, TAP

SharkFest EU 2018

Tim O’Neill

Chief Contributing Editor

Tim O’Neill is an independent technology consultant. He has over 30 years experience working in the WAN,
Analog, ISDN, ATM and LAN test market. Tim is now helping companies get lab recognition and technology verification. He is a patent holding, published and degreed engineer, currently being Chief Contributing Editor for

Read his White Papers › Span Port or TAP: CSO Beware | The Reality of Meeting Your Data Visualization Demands

SharkFest EU 2018

Brad Palm

Operator BruteForce LLC

Brad is a problem solver and a convergent thinker that looks forward to challenges in bridging the physical and virtual worlds. Highly skilled at analyzing and navigating the IT risks that are inherent when adopting technologies, he is motivated to work with dynamic, fast-paced, high-performing teams. Brad is operating BruteForce, a digital security and network analysis consulting firm.

Read his White Paper › ProfiShark 1G Use Case Analysis

Mike is a specialist in diagnosing network related problems. Over the last 13 years, he has been troubleshooting network slowdown related issues and helping his customers find the cause of these problems. One of the most noteworthy projects Mike has worked on is the optimization of the Pentagon networks after the events on 9/11.

Watch his videos › Measuring device latency with ProfiShark 1G | TAP Fail-over Time Comparison | ProfiShark Long-Term Traffic Capture

SharkFest EU 2018

Phill Shade

Senior Forensics Investigator
Merlion’s Keep Consulting

Phill is an Innovative IT and Security Professional with over 31 years of practical experience in diverse networking and technological areas. He is an innovative IT and Security Professional with over 31 years of practical experience in diverse networking and technological areas. Phill has extensive knowledge in all aspects of network and security analysis, design, troubleshooting, optimization, and administration.

Megumi Takeshita, known as Packet Otaku, runs a packet analysis company after having worked as a network analyst at BayNetworks and Nortel Networks for many years. Ikeriri Network Service is a reseller of Riverbed, Metageek, Profitap and other packet capture products in Japan. Megumi has written more than 10 books in Japanese about packet analysis and deep inspection using Wireshark.

Read her Review › ProfiShark Long-Term Traffic Capture

SharkFest EU 2018

Ray Tompkins

Network Analysit & Founder Gearbit

In 2006 Ray founded Gearbit, Austin TX. He has managed global enterprise networks for companies including, Lucent, HP-Compaq and JP Morgan Chase. His success is credited for establishing leadership teams that focused on corporate communication business applications.

Read his Solution Brief › Troubleshooting with Gearbit and ProfiShark

SharkFest EU 2018

Tom Tosh

Senior Partner
Chi Metrix

Tom founded CHI Metrix (“keymetrics”) in 2007. Initially, a network performance consulting practice, Tom and his team set to work building a tool that would help to enable clients to achieve more effective visibility, faster and easier, than any existing tools! (And to address urgent demands by Clients who need top-level consulting skills.) That tool is EZ-Trace® – currently running on hundreds of endpoints on four continents – with version 2.6 ready to be released – achieving visibility into Cloud-based applications.

Read his Solution Brief › Coordinated, Multi-Site Visibility With ProfiShark & EZ-Trace

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