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Traffic Capture & Analysis

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Traffic capture and analysis are essential for a wide range of analytics and forensic needs. Whether it is in the data center, a part of a building, a whole campus, or a branch office, a well implemented traffic capture, and analysis solution helps track down performance and security issues in the least amount of time possible, keeping the business secure and performant.

Explore our training videos, white papers, and use cases and learn all you need to know about capturing your network data, monitoring your network performance and troubleshooting with ProfiShark and IOTA.


Traffic Capture & Analysis

  • Checking Video Rendering Performance | 4 minutes

    Checking Video Rendering Performance

    See how John Modlin measures and analyzes the performance of his video rendering he uploaded on YouTube using IOTA.

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  • Measuring Device Latency | 8 minutes

    Measuring Device Latency With the ProfiShark

    Determining the latency that a device adds to the network can be difficult. In this video, Mike Pennacchi with Network Protocol Specialists, LLC shows how the ProfiShark can be used to accurately measure that amount of time it takes for a device to forward packets.

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  • ProfiShark Performance Testing | 11 minutes

    ProfiShark Performance Testing

    Tony uses a traffic generator to compare ProfiShark’s performance with other packet capture tools on the market.

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  • IOTA Training

      Getting Started | 4 videos

    • IOTA Quick Start | 10 minutes

      IOTA Quick Start

      In this video Mike Pennacchi will go through how to get started with the Profitap IOTA.

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    • IOTA Hardware Overview | 14 minutes

      IOTA Hardware Overview

      Take a look at the interface of the IOTA 1G and 10G and learn how you can easily set up and activate these devices.

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    • IOTA Connecting & Interface Configuration | 12 minutes

      IOTA Connecting & Interface Configuration

      Deploying IOTA will not introduce a new vulnerability to your network. Discover how to connect and configure the IOTA in-line or in SPAN mode.

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    • IOTA Starting Capture & Filtering | 26 minutes

      IOTA Starting Capture & Filtering

      After connecting the IOTA to the network, Mike shows how you can start capturing packets and use Dashboard to quickly drill down into the captured traffic.

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    IOTA Use Cases

  • Isolating Traffic of Interest with IOTA Search | 5 minutes

    Isolating Traffic of Interest with IOTA Search

    Learn from John Modlin as he shows you how to use the IOTA search to narrow down the network traffic.

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  • Packet Capture Performance: Where does IOTA fit? | 3 minutes

    Packet Capture Performance: Where does IOTA fit?

    In this video, Chris Greer shows the key areas where IOTA should be deployed in your network infrastructure.

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  • Troubleshooting VPN Issues | 5 minutes

    Troubleshooting VPN Issues

    In this video Mike Pennacchi will take a look into how we can use the IOTA to troubleshoot VPN problems.

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  • Analyzing Communication Protocols | 8 minutes

    Analyzing Communication Protocols

    John Modlin shows how you can easily analyze the FTP, TELNET, SSH or RDP traffic using IOTA’s Communication Protocols Dashboards.

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  • Monitoring BitTorrent Traffic | 1 minute

    Monitoring BitTorrent Traffic

    John Modlin shows how you can quickly identify Bit Torrent traffic using filters on the IOTA Explore Dashboard.

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  • Troubleshooting Intermittent Problems | 5 minutes

    Troubleshooting Intermittent Problems

    When it comes to troubleshooting network problems, Intermittent Problems are some of the toughest to resolve. In this video, Mike Pennacchi shows how you can reliably get to the root cause using IOTA.

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  • Webinars

  • Webinar: IOTA from A to Z | 59 minutes

    Webinar: IOTA from A to Z

    In this webinar, you will learn how to connect IOTA to your network, start capturing packets and use the Dashboard to drill down into the captured traffic.

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  • Webinar: Troubleshooting VPN Issues | 33 minutes

    Webinar: Troubleshooting VPN Issues

    Experiencing issues with your VPN connection while working from home? In this webinar we will show you causes of VPN connection problems and help you with some troubleshooting tips that might help you solve the problems you are dealing with remotely.

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  • Webinar: Getting the Right Packets the First Time | 66 minutes

    Webinar: Getting the Right Packets the First Time

    In this webinar, Mike Pennacchi shows you how to capture the right packets accurately using our Booster and IOTA combined with NetAlly EtherScope™ nXG.

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  • Use Cases & Solution Briefs

    Network monitoring in virtual and physical multi-tenant networks

    A multinational technology company specialized in cloud communications and workstream collaboration solutions with multiple global sites tasked Profitap to design a constant and permanently running network infrastructure solution for VoIP monitoring and general performance analysis.

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    Solving the challenges of packet capture

    The first step in successful packet analysis for root cause troubleshooting is to capture the right packets. In this white paper, learn how the combination of tools from Profitap and NetAlly simplify getting access to the packet data.

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    In-depth network analysis with ProfiShark helped the Moser-Baer AG improve their new products

    An in-depth network analysis with ProfiShark that helped Moser Baer R&D department to improve their new products. ProfiShark helped Moser Baer debug and validate their outputs and verify sent/receive network traffic.

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    Quickly isolating cloud-based application issues

    A use case of how IOTA was used to help users at a remote office location who experienced poor application performance with a cloud-hosted application.

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    White Papers


    Timestamp Analysis and Three Efficient Ways to Run it with IOTA

    As industrial networks have grown larger and more complex than ever before, network monitoring tools are quickly becoming a necessity. Network access control solutions can help with managing industrial devices and OT networks.

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    In-Line tapping in the data center

    Stuart shows how the ProfiShark portable network TAP can also be used in a Data Center environment. Gives a detailed overview of the ProfiShark Manager and its capabilities.

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    ProfiShark performance results

    There are some limitations that Wireshark or software based packet capture tools may encounter. Discover how Tony Fortunato, Network Performance Specialist, compares ProfiShark’s performance with other packet capture tools.

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    Building a portable network forensics kit

    Network forensics and cybersecurity teams need to have the ability to intercept network traffic and capture data packets in real-time to prevent threats and live attacks. Learn what you need to know to build a portable network forensic kit.

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    The Future of Portability White Paper

    The future of portability in network monitoring and packet capture

    Are there TAPs that give full portability with the necessary performance? Find out the most common portable network TAPs available on the market.

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    ProfiShark 1G use case analysis

    Get valuable insight into how ProfiShark 1G can be used to complement your threat hunting workflow.

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    Capturing in Time-Sensitive networking environments with ProfiShark

    Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) is a set of standards for time-sensitive transmission of data. To support TSN environments, Profishark 1G has special requirements in terms of latency and capture capability.

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    Netflow vs. Metadata vs. DPI

    Overview of 3 common monitoring approaches to collecting and reporting the data that traverse networks. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each approach.

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