10G Bypass TAP


10G Bypass TAP
10G Bypass TAP

Optimal Network Security


Profitap Bypass Network TAP is an intelligent device that keeps the network link operational even when in-line security appliances become unavailable.

Placed in front of in-line tools, it represents a fail-safe solution that continuously checks their availability. Therefore, if the tools’ availability is compromised in any way, the TAP automatically switches to a bypass mode, maintaining the network link up until the issue is fixed.

Technical Specifications

Fail-Safe Bypass & Heartbeat

Designed to support active inline network security and performance tools, our Bypass TAPs make sure these in-line devices don’t become a single point of failure in your network. By sending heartbeat packets, they can accurately track if the connected device is operational.

In the event that the in-line device fails, either due to a hardware malfunction, power loss, or software problem, the 10G Bypass TAP fail-safe protection will keep the critical link up.


1 x LC Quad
2 x SFP+
2 x RJ45 8 pins
2 x 12 VDC
1/10 Gbps
Up to 3 in 1U
12 VAC
AC Adapter
90-240 VAC
    • Remote access and management with GUI/CLI
    • Bidirectional Heartbeat (ping signal to and from the monitored appliance)
    • Customizable heartbeat packets, including IPX, ICMP request/reply, LCP request/reply and TCP-SYN

    • Link Failure Propagation (LFP)
    • Fine Heartbeat control
    • 1G/10G operation
    • High reliability design, no point of failure
Power Supply Triple Power Supply Rackmount Chassis Kit
Ordering Reference: APWRB Ordering Reference: APWRB3 Ordering Reference: ARKB-1U
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