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XX-32G is an entry-level network packet broker (NPB), offering comprehensive traffic capture for user-controlled visibility, greater monitoring efficiency, improved ROI on network and security tools, and rapid response times when addressing network issues. XX-32G optimizes both access and visibility of the traffic from one or many switch SPAN ports or in-line network TAPs and duplicates that traffic to enable improved efficiency in network security and performance tools. XX-32G is able to scale and intelligently access, filter, aggregate and regenerate desired traffic across multiple networks (LAN, WAN, internet, virtual and cloud environment) while maintaining link layer visibility at all times.

XX-32G is Profitap’s budget-oriented solution for consolidating data monitoring of 1G and 10G traffic with an integrated management system. Our rack-mounted XX-32G model boasts 4 SFP ports, 2 SFP+ ports and supports one 8-port Gigabit pluggable chassis (SPAN, in-line, mixed, SFP) module and one Fiber Optic TAP with 1 or 4 network links. Any port can be designated as an input port or an output port*.
*Does not apply to the Fiber Optic TAP module

“Many-to-any, any-to many, one-to-many, many-to-one”

The XX-32G aggregates traffic from multiple links and uses customizable filters to forward the most relevant data in real-time. Hardware-based filtering enables the forwarding of traffic to each tool without losing any data in the process. It also allows the filtering of all data from layers 3 and 4, and applies VLAN tags regardless of packet length or number of packets. The XX-32G can load balance the traffic to ensure that all monitoring tools are used at their utmost monitoring capacity. The load can be balanced by IP address, MAC address, VLAN, protocols, tags, etc.

The XX-32G includes a GUI-driven management system, which allows it to be accessed from a distance with any browser simply by accessing the IP of the device. The XX-Manager allows you to control aggregation, routing, filtering and more, proving to be one of our most versatile network tools to date.

XX-32G Overview

• Full access on different modules, 4 SFP ports and 2 SFP+ ports
• Filtering on Layer 3 and Layer 4: hardware-based, up to 512 filters without slowing the process of verifying the data pass-through
• Load balancing of all used ports
• Any-to-any port aggregation or/and regeneration
• Fail-safe in-line tapping
• Remote management
• Dual, redundant, universal power supplies
• Low power consumption
• Packet counter





Swappable 8 Port Copper In-Line Module
4 in-line circuits (failsafe), RJ45 connectors, 10/100/1G traffic network

Swappable 8 Port Copper – SPAN Module
8 port mirroring, RJ45 connectors, 10/100/1G traffic network

Swappable Mix Copper Module
2x in-line ports plus 4x SPAN (RJ45 connectors)

Swappable 8 Port SFP (SPAN) Module
(SFP modules not included)

Pluggable TAPs

Single Port Fiber TAP – LC connectors (F1RL)
Converts SFP (SPAN) into in-line circuit

Quad Fiber TAP – LC connectors (F4L)
4x single port




Designed for maximum portability, XX-32Gportable’s compact footprint enables it to offer the same vast array of features as the XX-32G anywhere you might need. XX-32Gportable supports the very same modules as the rack-mounted XX-32G model. XX-Manager is included as well.


• Allows full control over 1GbE & 10GbE network traffic for monitoring thanks to its intuitive GUI.

• Multiple filter rules per port in any combination for various routing, filtering, duplication or replication and many more options can be configured by an innovative GUI to allow instant adaptation to all kind of analysis.

• Designed for intuitive use, the user can focus on their main mission without having to study extra manuals or needing to spend extra time setting up the test equipment.

• An integrated archive gives quick access to establish filters scenarios on the fly or allow instant changes to ease meeting the current requirements.

XX-Manager™ is included in XX-32G™


Preview of the XX-Manager GUI

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