ProfiSight — Flow-Based Network Traffic Analyzer

ProfiSight Network Traffic Analyzer
ProfiSight Flow-based Network Traffic Analyzer

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Quickly Pinpoint Network Problems

Networks often get overloaded even though there is more than enough bandwidth available. Upgrading your network for extra bandwidth is far from a good solution, because it doesn’t solve the root cause of the problem. Something is eating up all the bandwidth, you have no idea what, and you need to find it out as quickly as possible.

To accurately track down these issues, you must know who is communicating with whom, with what devices – or end-points, and which protocol. In other words, you need to quickly and efficiently monitor the flow of the network.

Our Flow-based Traffic Analyzer, ProfiSight, provides a complete overview of what is happening on your network, with a level of visibility that is essential to efficient network troubleshooting and performance diagnostics analysis.

Integrated with ProfiShark, you will have quick, complete access and visibility into the traffic that matters, helping you resolve intermittent network performance problems and ensure Quality of Service (QoS) of your network.

Dashboards Overview

DNS Overview

Domain Name Resolution protocol dashboard, including most queried sites and queries with the response codes.


Performance monitoring for HTTP, including use per host and site, and statistics per request type and return code.


Secure Socket Layer metrics per server, including TCP health and application latency.

TCP — Retransmissions

Retransmissions percentage over time per client and server. TCP flag statistics.

TCP — Round Trip Time

RTT triggers per flow, server, and client. TCP flag statistics.

TCP — Server Congestion

An overview of zero windowing events per server over time, detecting when a server is saturated. Includes statistics of number of flows per server.

Server Latency

Application latency per server, including GeoIP resolution in map.


Name resolution, configurable local network overview, host counters, and network usage per host.

Hosts — Network Usage

Network usage per host and its applications.

Hosts — Top Talkers

Goodput per host, detailed network usage per host.

Bandwidth — Main

Statistics per source and destination IP such as incoming and outgoing packets, average and max bandwidth.

Bandwidth — Micro Bursts

In/out traffic bursts over time. Top talkers.

MAC Overview

Metrics and overview on OSI layer 2, including usage per MAC address, and statistics for unicast, multicast, and broadcast.

Packet Statistics

Counters for packets in/out as well as overview of the packet size distribution.

Network Overview

An overview of your network, including number of flows, packets, exchanged traffic.

Fast drill-down to the source of the issue

ProfiSight allows you to quickly view flow data by extracting the metadata of a captured packet stream with ProfiShark or another source of capture files. You can get an overview of the main talkers in a few clicks and determine if they are a security or performance issue.

Choose how your data is presented

ProfiSight offers a range of customizable dashboards with an accurate overview of your network bandwidth utilization, application usage and statistics, LAN and network, talkers and conversations, performance and errors, user activity, and more.

Full integration with ProfiShark

Combine the power of a portable capture device with ProfiSight to capture every packet on the line and get a complete overview of the network for in-depth analysis. You can easily connect to your ProfiShark remotely so that you can track down network issues anywhere, anytime.*

*No on-site assistance required.

ProfiSight Helps You

Optimize network performance

Find the root cause of network issues with accurate flow-based monitoring

Diagnose problems remotely

Connect remotely to ProfiShark to get the data you need

Quickly pinpoint network problems

With many customizable dashboards available, you get only actionable data

Save time and money

With a well performing network, your business can keep growing

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Bandwidth Utilization

Microbursts, statistics per host, statistics per L4 and L7 protocols

Packet statistics

Counters for packets in/out, bytes in/out, size distribution

IP statistics

Sources and destinations, geolocation


Flow counters per interface, active flows, statistics per flow like usage, protocols


Top talkers, statistics per host

TCP indicators

Flags, lost packets, retransmissions, zero windowing


Network and application latency, per server and location

Layer 4 protocol statistics

Most used ports, TCP vs UDP, and others

Protocol specific dashboards

DNS, HTTP, SSL, and others

Network overview dashboards

Discover, home dashboard



Windows 10, 64-bit
Linux Ubuntu Family, 64-bit


Google Chrome (preferred)
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge


Minimum Requirements

CPU: Intel Core Duo 2.4 GHz

Recommended System

CPU: Intel Core Quad 3.0 GHz
RAM: 8GB or more
Google Chrome



Compatible Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, or Gigabit network adapter

Discover the ProfiShark Series


ProfiShark 1G

ProfiShark 1G is a portable aggregation TAP, providing full traffic capture of Gigabit Ethernet networks to USB 3.0.

ProfiShark 1G+

ProfiShark 1G+ combines the power of ProfiShark 1G with GPS and PPS, for advanced timestamping functionalities.


ProfiShark 10G

ProfiShark 10G is a versatile, portable solution, providing total visibility into 1G & 10G, Copper & Fiber networks through USB 3.0.


ProfiShark 10G+

ProfiShark 10G+ is the ultimate portable TAP, combining the power of ProfiShark 10G with GPS and PPS advanced timestamping.