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Power Blade


power blade
profitap power blade

High Density Power Distribution Unit

Profitap Power Blade is the right solution if you need to organize and provide efficient powering to 12V data center appliances.

This kind of PDU can optimize power outlet utilization in your data center by converting 2 power outlets into 24. It has also a double power supply setup, therefore providing a fully redundant system.

The Power Blade provides an organized cabling infrastructure in your data center and decreases the risk of unexpected interruptions and costly downtime.

Technical Specifications

The Power Blade is available in 100–240V AC and -48V DC and outputs 24 x 12V DC to Molex Micro-Fit connectors. Two power supplies (AC or DC) and 24 Molex Micro-Fit to DC Jack cables are included with the Power Blade.

  • High-density PDU
  • 12V data center appliances powering
  • Efficient cabling infrastructure
  • Redundant AC or DC input
  • Platinum efficiency
  • Real-time fault detection

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