Power Blade

High Density Power Distribution Unit

Power 24 x 12V data center appliances from a 1U rackspace

The Power Blade is Profitap’s solution for organized and efficient powering of 12V data center appliances. The Power Blade optimizes power outlet utilization in your data center by converting 2 power outlets into 24, enabling an organized cabling infrastructure with direct powering of up to 24 x 12V DC data center appliances from a 1U rackspace.

The double power supply setup makes for a fully redundant system, decreasing the risk of unexpected interruptions and costly downtime.

The Power Blade is available in 100–240V AC and -48V DC and outputs 24 x 12V DC to Molex Micro-Fit connectors. Two power supplies (AC or DC) and 24 Molex Micro-Fit to DC Jack cables are included with the Power Blade.

Power Blade offers a redundant powering solution with no hassle cable management for an organized cabling infrastructure in your data center.



  • Redundant AC or DC input
  • 24 x 12V DC output
  • Platinum efficiency
  • 750 W redundant powering
  • Separate output power circuits
  • 300 BTU/h
  • Real-time fault detection
  • Up to 2.5 A per output


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