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Traffic Access

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Network analysis starts with getting actionable data in a reliable and secure way. There are two common methods for gaining access to the network: test access points (TAPs) and switch port analyzer (SPAN). Deploying network TAPs is the key method for accessing network traffic. Network TAPs are more reliable and offer significant advantages over the use of SPAN ports to monitor the network, such as providing secure access to packets of all sizes and types by creating an exact copy of all traffic flowing across the network without impacting the network performance.

Explore our training videos, white papers, and use cases and learn how you can get complete access and visibility into your network with Profitap Network TAPs!


Traffic Access

  • How a Bypass TAP Works | 1 minute

    How a Bypass TAP Works

    Bypass TAPs are the key to maintaining a safe and operational network, continuously checking the availability of your in-line security appliances.

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  • TAP Fail-Over Time Comparison | 5 minutes

    TAP Fail-Over Time Comparison

    When compared to other TAPs on the market, the Profitap Network TAP (due to its No Break feature) was able to recover from power problems faster than any other TAPs tested by Mike Pennacchi.

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  • ProfiShark Long-Term Traffic Capture | 4 minutes

    ProfiShark Long-Term Traffic Capture

    Find out how the ProfiShark Long-term Capture allows you to catch intermittent problems in the act and access captured files remotely. That way you can get more easily to the root of some of the most challenging network related issues out there.

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  • Webinars

  • IOTA Webinar – From Problem to Packet | 1 hour

    IOTA Webinar – From Problem to Packet

    In this webinar we showed how IOTA can support you in your network monitoring needs, and gave some tips and tricks on how to locate intermittent issues and move from problem to packet effortlessly.

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  • Use Cases & Solution Briefs

    Network monitoring in virtual and physical multi-tenant networks

    A multinational technology company specialized in cloud communications and workstream collaboration solutions with multiple global sites tasked Profitap to design a constant and permanently running network infrastructure solution for VoIP monitoring and general performance analysis.

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    Complete Network Visibility for Real-Time Detection and Response

    A threat that goes unseen will go undefeated. Network visibility is crucial to protecting organizations from cyber-attacks. Without full traffic visibility, the security teams are limited in their ability to see the entire attack lifecycle, which in turn limits the understanding and context of what is really happening.

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    Industrial Network Visibility & Security with Profitap and SCADAfence

    SCADAfence’s non-intrusive platform for deep packet inspection (DPI) together with Profitap’s network test access points (TAPs) and Network Packet Brokers (NPB) solutions, work together to bring network traffic visibility and asset inventory management in real-time and compliance to all OT & IoT industry regulations.

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    Streamlined Packet Capture and Analysis with Profitap and CloudShark

    Get accurate line-rate traffic capture with ProfiShark, and CloudShark, a centralized repository with elegant and advanced analysis tools, in a secure, self-hosted system.

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    White Papers

    Capturing cyber threats at airports

    Airports have network security and protection mechanism housed centrally within their database. Learn how portable TAPs like the ProfiShark allow for quick and accurate network visibility in the aviation industry.

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    TAP vs SPAN: the main differences between a network TAP and a SPAN

    Highlights the main differences between a Network TAP and a SPAN. Explains why TAPs should be the obvious choice if you want full visibility into your network traffic.

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    What are network TAPs and why do we need them

    A detailed overview of what network TAPs are. Explains how a TAP can easily resolve your network problems.

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    Special tool for special forces: tapping into real-time threats in cyberspace

    Cybersecurity is one of the biggest concerns in this digital age. Read the whitepaper to learn the key to a successful on-field threats defense.

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