High-density Network Packet Broker delivering you cost-effective and complete network visibility

The Profitap XX-1800G is a high-density Network Packet Broker, bringing you the power and flexibility of network traffic management with a total throughput of 1800 Gbps in a single RU. As part of the XX series packet brokers for Profitap, the XX-1800G features 48 x SFP28 ports (10/25 GbE) and 6 x QSFP28 ports (40/100 GbE).

The NPB optimizes the performance of network analysis and security tools by delivering filtered traffic of interest and helps network engineers to quickly solve application performance bottlenecks and troubleshoot problems on the network.


XX-1800G Aggregation    XX-1800G Load Balancing    XX-1800G Replication    XX-1800G Filtering

Key features

  • Aggregation, replication, filtering, load balancing
    (any-to-any, any-to-many, many-to-many)
  • Local and remote management (CLI, GUI, SNMP, Syslog)
  • Redundant, hot-swappable PSUs and fan modules
    available in AC or DC version
  • Powerful filtering (layer 2–4, overlapping)
  • Flexible role-based access
  • High-density, 1800 Gbps throughput in a 1U footprint
  • 10G, 25G, 40G, 100G traffic monitoring (fan-in/fan-out possible for more options)
  • Remote management software

Port licenses

The XX-1800G comes with two different port licenses

  • Economy license: 24 x 25G ports plus 2 x 100G
  • Full ports license: 48 x 25G ports plus 6 x 100G

Ordering references:

  • Economy license AC: XX-1800G-242-AC
  • Economy license DC: XX-1800G-242-DC
  • Full ports license AC: XX-1800G-486-AC
  • Full ports license DC: XX-1800G-486-DC

XX manager

XX-Manager is a web-based interface that allows the user to configure and monitor the behaviour of a single XX-1800G device. This interface is based on a web-application, allowing users to easily access to it from any OS or platform.

  • Full control over 1GbE, 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE network traffic for monitoring thanks to its intuitive GUI.
  • Multiple filter rules per port in any combination for various routing, filtering, duplication or replication and many more options can be configured by an innovative GUI to allow instant adaptation to all kind of analysis.
  • An integrated archive gives quick access to establish filters scenarios on the fly or allow instant changes to ease meeting the current requirements.

XX-Manager™ is included in XX-1800G™

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