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3: Looking at this screenshot…

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A. We can tell that the packet pattern is a security breach using a syn flood attack.
B. We can tell TCP has established connections, 5001 & 49078.
C. We can tell TCP Retransmission is caused by packet loss, network issue.
D. We can tell TCP has established a connection, 49078.

Who asked the question:

Ray Tompkins

Network Analysit & Founder Gearbit

In 2006 Ray founded Gearbit, Austin TX. He has managed global enterprise networks for companies including, Lucent, HP-Compaq and JP Morgan Chase. His success is credited for establishing leadership teams that focused on corporate communication business applications.

Read his Solution Brief › Troubleshooting with Gearbit and ProfiShark

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Answer all questions correctly for a chance to win a $500 Amazon Gift Card.

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