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2: Looking at this screenshot…

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A. We can tell that there is an HTTP transfer of 483 bytes.
B. We can tell that there is an FTP transfer of 438 bytes.
C. We can tell that the client advertised a TCP Window of Zero in an HTTP session.
D. We can tell that an executable file is being transferred across an HTTP session.
E. We can tell that a connection close has been issued.

Who asked the question:

Mike Motta

Owner Motta Network eXperts, Inc.

Mike is a packet protocol guru, experienced educator, capable of making boring packet information exciting and fun. He specializes in: Frame GEDI, WCNA, CNX, SCP, CCNA, MCSE.

Check his video › ProfiShark Full Duplex 10M, 100M, 1G, 10G, TAP

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Answer all questions correctly and you have a chance to WIN a $500 Amazon Gift Card.

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