Copper TAPs

Complete visibility of your entire Ethernet network

Datacenter Copper TAPs
Profitap Ethernet TAPs seamlessly duplicate full-duplex 10M/100M/1G/10G traffic at wire speed. Our TAPs provide monitoring devices with traffic as if they were in-line, allowing them to view all 7 layers, including packets of all sizes and types, as well as low-level errors.


100% Visibility


Profitap Copper TAPs are completely IEEE 802.3/802.3af, VoIP and PoE compliant while performing smoothly at distances of over 100 meters. Front LEDs display the presence of redundant power, network and monitor link activity. Also they indicate whether the TAP is in speed negotiation mode or the speed at which it is operating.


100% Security


Profitap Copper TAPs are non-intrusive, have no IP address and isolate monitoring devices from the network to ensure complete stealth and security. Once in place, our TAPs allow monitoring devices to be connected and disconnected as desired, with no impact to the network link.

100% Fail-Safe


Copper TAPs introduce no point of failure to the network. They are designed for redundant powering, which allows a second power supply to activate if the first were to fail. In case of complete power failure, our Gigabit Ethernet TAPs guarantee that the link remains operational by instantly switching to a fully passive mode. Our renowned ‘No Break’ feature dramatically reduces failover time, consequently reducing the chances of Spanning Tree (STP) reconvergence. Instant Link technology allows our TAPs to instantly resume the link once power is restored.

100M Copper TAPs

Our Fast Ethernet TAPs offer 100% Visibility, 100% Security, and are 100% Fail-Safe. This ensures a permanent network link at all times with zero failover time or link restoration delay.

1G Copper TAPs

Boasting the same features as our Fast Ethernet TAPs, our signature Profitap Gigabit Ethernet TAPs are a comprehensive solution for monitoring 10/100/1000BaseT networks.

10G Copper TAP

Our highly-efficient 10GBase-T TAP provides complete and accurate in-line monitoring for your 10M/100M/1G/10G copper network.

Portable Copper TAPs

These Copper network TAPs are highly efficient and portable devices that integrate performance, security, and portability. Their design meets all the highest standards for quality, cost-efficiency, and overall effectiveness.

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Product Portfolio

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Product Portfolio

Network Monitoring, Analysis and Troubleshooting Solutions

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