Profitap Booster

Network Packet Broker Optimizer

The Booster is our signature solution for improving your monitoring system’s density at a significantly lower cost than ever before possible. Network Packet Brokers can be extremely expensive appliances, making each and every available input port an invaluable asset.

The Booster transmits traffic from up to 8 ports (4 in-line links or 8 SPAN ports) into a single NPB port as opposed to the typically required 8. By optimizing the number of used ports on your Network Packet Broker, the Booster allows for unprecedented savings and outstanding return on investment.

The Booster also enables a significant reduction in occupied rack space. The PROFITAP Booster is quickly recognized as an imperative instrument for reducing budgetary and rack space costs.


Software & Drivers



  • Aggregation of 8 ports (4 x RJ45 10/100/1G in-line links or 8 x SFP SPAN 1G ports) into 1 SFP+ 1G-10G output
  • Direct link aggregation, no management, installation or driver required
  • No bottlenecking; full line-rate performance with reduced delay and no dropped packets
  • VLAN Tagging
  • Non-intrusive to the network
  • Redundant powering
  • Fail-safe* – in case of complete power failure, the Booster keeps the link up and switches to a fully passive mode, guaranteeing a fully operational network at all times
  • *Applies only to In-Line Booster models

Rack-mountable in-line model
Up to 3 in 1U rack space


Portable model
In-line or SPAN


Rack-mountable SPAN model
Up to 3 in 1U rack space


Booster versus conventional:



Rackmount Chassis Kit




This Rackmount Kit allows for up to 3 Boosters to be mounted in a standard 19″, 1U rack space.

The Kit includes 2 Booster-sized filler plates.

Ordering reference: ARKB-1U

Power Supply

Booster power supply.

100–240 VAC to 12 VDC, 30W output.

Ordering references:
US model: APWRB-US
EU model: APWRB-EU
UK model: APWRB-UK

Triple Output Power Supply

Booster power supply.

100–240 VAC to 12 VDC, 90W triple output.

Ordering references:
US model: APWRB3-US
EU model: APWRB3-EU
UK model: APWRB3-UK

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